~ Educational loving dolls that teach respect for life ~

"You don't need an education in early childhood development to ascertain that toys are not just for fun, but can be our first tools in life. Imagination is one of the finest tools a child can use to enjoy life and grow to be a well rounded individual. This is why the "GIFT OF LIFE DOLL" strikes me as an effective toy and tool to project the preciousness of the God-given gift of life."

"Serving as both a National Board of Directors and Executive Committee Member of the National Right to Life and numerous other pro-life leadership roles in Nebraska, it should be apparent that the Culture of Life is extremely important to me and my involved and supportive family. We see the beauty and necessity of the "GIFT OF LIFE DOLL""

"As a mother, grandmother, pre-school teacher and pro-life activist, I strongly ENDORSE your doll as a way to spread the respect for life and motherhood in a society that does not always purport such views."